The Characters in The Post Office

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Why do people use the brick-and-mortar post office?

Dave is committing identity theft in a sad attempt to save his 
business from bankruptcy.

orey is secretly arranging to divorce his controlling wife while trying to maintain ownership of his house and shared custody of his 


Elaine is being stalked and needs the privacy of a PO 
Box, since her stalker is taking the mail out of her 

Earl is a widower who is trying to find new sources of joy 
since the death of his wife.  He uses the post office to send 
small gifts to his distant grandchildren.  


Thomas is a psychopath who makes his living selling firewood.  He is having surgical instruments and chloroform shipped to himfrom eastern Europe.  

Kate is communicating with her son who is in prison on drug related charges and doesn't want her coworkers to see where she is sending mail.  See here for more details on Kate.