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From Abby
This book was fantastic, five stars all the way. Being a teenager, I really felt that I could relate to some of the storylines throughout The Post Office. The subliminal messages referring to very current issues such as drug usage and the American correctional system are very relevant to the younger population including myself. Even though none of the characters were of my age group, I felt that I was able to relate to them in some way or another. Ms. Cruise did a fantastic job in her character development in that it was so easy for me to connect to who each character was meant to represent. I would highly recommend this book to readers of all ages.

From Linda in Big Flats, NY
I thoroughly enjoyed Kim's first novel. Loved how she titled chapters after characters and that the initial chapters gave you an insight summary of who they each were. Hard to put down and sorry to see it end. I'm glad her next book is a continuation and look forward to it. 

From Kathy

I had a lot of plans to get things done today but I made the mistake of picking up The Post Office first thing this morning, which I received yesterday in the mail. Well, I finished it about an hour ago which shows how much I was captivated by it. Kim, you truly have a gift and I am looking so forward to reading your next book. I also applaud your courage in writing this. Some of the writings brought tears to my eyes as I could feel the emotions of the characters. You are a truly gifted writer!

From Hapster

The author very quickly develops characters through excellent use of dialogue and other descriptive narrative. While some of the characters are clearly "good" or "bad" - I enjoyed the gray areas of some of the characters that maybe were in general good people who have made a bad choice along the way. The author does an excellent job of portraying these characters in a non-judgmental fashion. The book becomes that much more compelling if you read the notes and realize that one of the lead characters, Kate, is actually auto-biographical. I found the author also had the ability to write in such a way that during the climax of the book - my heart was truly beating faster as I was able to picture myself in the situation described - and could literally feel the surroundings. The topics explored in the book are timely. This would be a great book club pick as there is lots of room for discussion. I recognize this a first book for this author - and hope there is more where this came from!

From Amazon Customer

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I love the way the author tied all the characters together through the post office, an activity that most of us never think about twice. The writing style was superb. I didn't even feel like I was reading throughout parts of the books; I was living it. The characters were very relatable and I finished the book quickly because I wanted to see how things ended. It is hard to imagine that this is the first book for the author and I can't wait to read her next novel.

From LC

I am someone who loves an addict. The addict is my child. The author is also the mother of an addict and I see on her website that the struggle of mothering her son is what led her to write this book. Her pain, embarrassment, and fear for the life of her son are woven beautifully into a very suspenseful novel!
This book is not “preachy” or even predominantly about addiction. Instead, just like so many of our lives, the trials and tribulations of loving an addict are just a few of the things many people have to deal with every day.
As a diehard lover of suspense novels, I truly enjoyed the twists and turns in this book and I’m thrilled to see that this author is now working on a second novel!

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